About FPC

Film Production Capital is a full-service tax credit brokerage and consulting company which specializes in state tax incentives for film, television, animation projects, digital interactive media (video games), music recording, commercials, live performances, festivals, and more.

Film Production Capital began as a Louisiana-based tax credit brokerage in 2003 designed to monetize first-of-their-kind tax credits offered by the State of Louisiana to encourage motion picture production within its borders. Once the Louisiana tax credit model became successful, other states followed suit, and Film Production Capital grew along with them.

The company has formidable expertise and institutional knowledge of all domestic tax incentive programs. Film Production Capital offers strategic counseling to ensure productions choose the right jurisdiction for their project to maximize their return on investment. Once a jurisdiction is chosen, FPC provides a budget analysis, assists with the initial certification process and deal-structuring, and serves as an audit liaison to ensure final certification of tax credits. Furthermore, the company is actively involved in the legislative and rule-making process in order to safe-guard the incentive programs and protect our clients’ interests from the ever changing laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Film Production Capital recently began partnering with a variety of entertainment finance companies to originate and administer traditional debt-based financing, such as senior, bridge, mezzanine, and gap loans as well as equity investments.


1000 E. Preston Ave
Shreveport, LA 71105
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